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* NEW * Mitsubishi CP-W5000DW 
Double Sided Digital Color Photo Printer


Mitsubishi CP-W5000DW Dual Sided PrinterMitsubishi CP-W5000DW Dual Sided Printer Product usesMitsubishi CP-W5000DW Dual Sided Printer
CPW5000DW pdf Specs

The CPW5000DW duplex printer creates doublesided prints in seconds, allowing photo labs and finishing businesses to offer gift or creative items such as photo books, desk calendars, post cards and greeting cards on demand.

The CPW5000DW duplex printer allows photo finishing businesses the opportunity to expand their product offerings by providing their customers dualsided printing capabilities on demand, thus making production of creative and gifting photo products available in house rather than outsourcing, generating more income and profit potential.

Key benefits of the CPW5000DW duplex printer include:
• Compact, desktop size at only 1.83 sqft. and less than 64 lbs.
• A high level of reliability and performance
• Vivid but natural looking colors
• Prints 8” x 10” dualsided photos in as little as 75 seconds, and 8” x 12” in about 83 seconds
• Builtin vertical and horizontal paper cutter to generate various print sizes from one media
• Prints all standard photo sizes from 4” x 6” to 8” x 12”, including 6” as well as 8”square formats
• Minimal power consumption when in idle mode, saving energy
Product Dimensions - 13.5" wide, 15.8" high, 20.0" deep, 64 lbs (shipping weight 80 lbs)

In addition to its suitability for photo labs and finishing businesses and retailers that offer photo finishing services, the CPW5000DW duplex printer is also ideal for other organizations that require fast, highquality, dualsided printing, including lithography and print shops, advertising agencies, wedding photographers, real estate offices, schools and even funeral homes.

Mitsubishi CP-W5000DW Dual Sided Printer Print sizes and formats

Media for this printer comes in one size.  Unlike other Mitsubishi printers, you purchase the double ink rolls and paper separately.
Ink is in two rolls, one for front and one for back providing two prints per sheet of paper.

Media Options Print

Media Pricing 

PK5812 Box of 2 rolls, 250 ink panels per roll


CK5000 Box of 1 roll, 250 sheets of dual sided paper




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